Friday, May 15, 2015


My little art adventure just got bigger!

We made a really big life decision about a year ago.  My projects were coming to an end and it was the perfect time to make the move west (a long time dream of ours).  Of course it is never that simple.  We had a house to sell and a small IT business with 70+ clients to transition so they did not lose the support they came to rely on.  Between the all-consuming transition activities and not alerting the clients to the changes before the new owner of our company had a chance for introductions, I have been a bit absent from our fun little blog.  The good news, I am back to chat and continue to share my little art adventure with you as promised.

It has taken us awhile to get settled, but we are now officially living in Albuquerque, NM.  The blue skies and sunshine are amazing.   Albuquerque has 4 seasons, with a very short/mild winter, and an art community to engage with.  How can one resist?  Bonus: a wonderful mix of cultures makes for a fun new world for us to learn and enjoy.

Our move had a couple expectations:
  • find fun new jobs (one check, one more to go)
  • downsize our home (check)
  • space for an office and art with a separate glass space (check)
  • begin engaging in our new world (beginning)
We found a smaller home with a 3-stall garage, leaving me the third stall for my new glass studio (just needed to add the wall to keep the little glass shards from shooting to the car stalls).  Lucky for me there is a nice little patio behind the garage.  I had a door added and a wet bench outside (no water in garage).  The beauty of being in Albuquerque is there are very few days where you would not want to work outside.  How fun is that!  :-)

3rd stall... soon to be cleared out!
Under the pile of foam pads is a kiln just itching to be used!
Door to the 'magical room'... reminder... need to add a fun sign.
For all the wet work (saw, cleaning glass, drilling, etc.)

As you can see the glass space has been used as a storage space for boxes so we can keep the house clear of clutter and the garage open to parking cars as we moved in.  The good news is that the broken down boxes and packing materials will be moved out this weekend and I can start setting up the shelving and getting my glass studio in working order.  I can’t wait!

This gardenia plant smells so wonderfully sweet and is a perfect welcome at our front door. Thank you Phyllis for the wonderful house warming gift.

More news and pictures as it all takes shape.  A new adventure is beginning and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!


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