Thursday, May 21, 2015


What do you plan for with your creative spaces? 

I am lucky enough to have 2 creative spaces.  My glass space I talked about in my last blog, and a space for all the other fun artistic endeavors I like to do (beading, mixed media and scrapbooking).  I LOVE doing my creative projects and also want to spend time with my darling husband.  Our solution was to combine our office space (where Richard likes to spend his extra time) and my art space in what was the master bedroom.  Now we can chat and work on our projects ‘together’.  It is much more fun that way. :-)  When you consider how much time we spend working, after work meetings and sleeping, that does not leave us much time to spend together.  So combining our spaces together was our perfect solution to spending more time together.

People are pretty surprised when we tell them that we took a nice, large master bedroom and made it a working space for both of us.  Of course, I have to say the guys like the idea, since Richard added a very large flat screen TV to the room, but the ladies are not so sure.  One of our goals of the move was to downsize our living space, but NOT the activities we enjoy.  Homes in ABQ generally don’t have basements (where we used to do these activities) so the downsizing process meant finding just the right home layout that did not require significant remodeling, thus re-purposing spaces.

Here are a few pics of our ‘working space’.  Richard is the maple desk on the left and mine on the right, near my racks of creative supplies, and a red work table between us.  Now to keep him from spreading out too far on the red table… 

Sure looks cluttered in this picture. For me it is quite organized, down to the rolling cart of beads in Snapware containers next to the chair.
This is probably the cleanest my work table will be, since I cleaned it up for the picture.  :-)
LOVE these racks.  They are so functional with the adjustable shelving and the ability to hang items from them.  Awesome!
Just starting to fill the horizontal spaces again as I work on the latest pendant.

It was also important in our working space to make sure there was room for our little furry buddies.  After all, they also enjoy being with us.  Duncan and Zoe have their little comfy spot under the table, so when they prefer not to sprawl out on the floor they can lounge on their pillows.  The pillows also conveniently cover the cords that Richard would prefer not to be pulled out accidentally by these darlings.  ;-)
Duncan napping under the table.  Content to be with 'his people'.

Our space works well for us and our little buddies.  What do you like best about your creative space and would you want to share it with your significant other or prefer a more focused space? 

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